Production Company in Dubai: 10 Tips in Choosing

Production Company in Dubai

The most crucial part of marketing communication is choosing the most effective medium to do the advertising. Videos is one of the leading, fast-growing medium. There is no doubt that an audio-visual offers high stakes on effectivity and audience appeal. This type of marketing tool gives you higher odds on achieving your goals. 

The world of media and video production in Dubai is broad, with tons of different video production houses to choose from. With this, you need to find not just the most feasible but the most proficient one. This stage is very tricky but rest assured that with 10 easy steps, you get to pick the best one. 

All you have to do is to know about their past, evaluate their present and envision the future with them. Here are some tips in choosing who to work with:

Knowing about their past

  • Search for companies who serves the type of service you are looking for

    You may find the best filmmakers, or the best event videographers along your search for the best video production company but keep in mind that they are not what you need. Now this may sound tricky but not all video production companies produce the same types of videos. Some are solely for event coverage, some are good in filmmaking, but they don’t have any background in producing advertising videos. You need to find the team who has enough experience on producing the type of video you are wanting them to produce.

  • Request for their portfolios and evaluate their past works

    In everything you do, before starting a relationship with anyone, you need to know more about their past first. If they haven’t produced anything that has done a great deal for the sales of their clients, chances are, they are going to produce the same quality of work for you.

  • Know about their relationships with their previous clients.

    The easiest way to find out is to ask for references and call them. This tip is probably one of the most important thing to do before signing the contract. Their past will tell you a lot about your future with them as partners.

Evaluating their present

  • Choose the one that shows expertise in digital marketing

    This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. The best video production company would be concerned with your target audience, and your business goals. This company would have enough knowledge on branding, distribution, and other details that the video should contain. It is not your job to educate them on these, find someone who already knows. Besides, always remember that it is hard to create something you lack knowledge about.

  • Find out if they have a talented and professional team

    A good production team is composed of well-trained, skilled, and detail-driven producer, illustrators, directors, animators, talents, and every production members. Notice if they have a specific background and set of skills in their field and if they show professionalism, creativity, proficiency, dedication, commitment and expertise in what they do.

  • They should know how to communicate effectively

    Evaluate if they have asked you enough questions about your goals and visions before making a direct quotation. This proves that they care about you, your objectives, and what you will feel about their work. Realize if they are keeping an open dialogue from the start until the end. Are they open for feedback along the process? Or are they leaving you out because they feel that you don’t have a say in this process? Communication is important because this is also one of the criteria for professional customer service. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t want to talk to you.

  • Pick the advertiser with the best knowledge on audiovisual content

    Not all advertising companies are good in making videos, and not all video makers are good in advertising. It is hard to pick someone who has enough knowledge both in sales and video making but there are a few companies who has mastered both. You just have to search intently, and carefully.

Envisioning the future with them

  • Work with people you would want to work with again

    The best thing that could tell you this is following step number 3. Are they in a good long-term relationship with their clients? Do they have any bad records in the industry? You need to be sure about these criteria. If they are clean and good to go, assess how they are treating you from the very beginning. Are they friendly? Do they consistently cater your needs? If yes, try visualizing if you’d want to do another project with them, and it’ll tell you how much you want to engage with them.

  • Always choose the one who is willing to meet your needs

    Public relation is one of the most important asset of a company. This means that they are putting their client’s satisfaction over theirs. You’d find that they are more willing to listen on your business goals than discussing theirs. They are open for your ideas, and won’t do anything that could make you feel like they are disregarding you.

  • Gauge their consistency

    This is very crucial because consistency is the hardest to notice. You’d need to invest an ample amount of time to measure this before concluding that they are being consistent. But what you can do in the meantime is to pay attention on how they treat you in the beginning, and how they treat you as the day progresses.

After all this, just remember that in whatever decision you have to make for your company, it is important to engage only with the best. It may seem almost impossible to do, but once you find out the specific industry that offers what you need when you need it, you need to condense your choices, and focus only among the best partners who can serve you what you deserve.

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