Semih Kanmaz
Photographer / Director / Cinematographer

Semih Kanmaz is a talented photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Semih has worked with magazines such as Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elele, and many more.

Ben Shaul

Ben Shaul has been on set for over 33 years. Starting with a model career in 1983 he has been a integral part of a crew through his positions as model or photographer.

Devin Dygert

Devin moved to LA at 19 quickly being scooped up and working with A-List talent and lifelong inspirations such as David LaChapelle. Experiencing early success was only the start of a long career that would flourish.

Dino De Luca

In 2009 he published two books of Japan, entitled ‘Kansai’ and ‘Sakura’ and in 2010 a book of Morocco entitled, ‘My first six months in Morocco.’ In 2010 he won two international photographic competitions: Phototravel Gold Medal, Trierenberg Super Circuit International Photographic Competition Portrait Bronze Medal, Aperture Awards In 2011,2012 2014 and 2015 he won another Portrait Bronze Medal at the International Loupe Awards.

Emre Dörter

He attended art and photography courses at University of Victoria, Canada, prior to his graduation from Anadolu University in 2005, and completed his Master’s degree in photography at Accademia Italina in Florance, majored in Fashion Photography.

Felix Reed

Felix Reed is a people and lifestyle photographer who loves to capture real and authentic moments as well as carefully stage a photograph in studio. He has been fortunate enough to travel the globe in the tireless search of the perfect picture. He had the pleasure to work with many renowned agencies and brands like: Costa Cruises, Decathlon, DDB, Enel, Lamborghini, Leo Burnett, McDonald’s, Saatchi&Saatchi, ServicePlan, VISA and UBER.

Nigel Harniman
Photographer / Director / Cinematographer

Harniman is an award winning Photographer & Director/Cinematographer shooting globally for major brands & their agencies worldwide.
Recent clients include Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Saatchi & Saatchi London, Triumph & Royal Enfield Motorcycles to name a few. His overriding motivation is to collaborate with client teams to create premier quality visual imagery in both stills and moving image.

Ioannis Koussertari

With years of experience in the photography studio, art directing and managing the shoot and post-production teams. Constructing briefs, layouts and visually translating photo and art content for a variety of brands and editorial print commissions such as; Elle Magazine, i-D, Paper, Tom Ford, Harvey Nichols etc.

Matevž Kostanjšek

Professional photographer for more than 15 years and a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering by formal education. Living between Europe and the Middle East, available for assignments worldwide. Lately fascinated by composite photography and imperfect lighting.

Malek Fayoumi

Malek Fayoumi is a professional automotive/sports and motorsports photographer/videographer based in the UAE and Canada, With over 10 years of experience in the commercial and editorial sectors, he is now translating his passion for everything with wheels into a real life career. With in-house equipment for photo shoot and film productions as well as post-production, Malek has built a reputation as an all-in-one solution.

Matthew Joseph

Matthew has a technical capacity enabling him to deliver such projects as Yell’s latest UK print/billboard campaign. His work is real, fresh and dramatic – knowing how to utilise natural and artificial light for his gain, in equal measure.

Michel Cloutier

Born and raised in the beautiful surroundings of Quebec’s Eastern Townships, Michel has always demonstrated an interest in people and a sense for the inner being.
In the early 80s, driven by his passion for photography, Michel worked alongside Quebec’s top music celebrity photographer where his talent blossomed. He embarked on his solo career as a professional photographer in 1985 and his work soon caught the attention of advertising agencies and magazine editors.

Stephen Eastwood

He believes running his own studio is uneconomical. “While clients happily pay rental for studios and equipment hire, they’re never prepared to pay those fees for your own, so by the time you’ve paid $15,000 a month for rental plus your liability insurance, the studio ends up being the real liability.” Stephen is a Canon PrintMaster, which is a prestigious and elite group of professional photographers in the US.


MIGS is a specialist in automotive imaging and is one of the few commercial artists who can combine the best qualities of photography and CGI. He has ventured to some of the furthest corners of the world in search of striking imagery for prestigious clients such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Lamborghini, Skoda, Tesla Motors, and General Motors.

Petter Karlstrom

Marius Krutschke

Three things brought Marius Krutschke to photography: his early fascination with automobiles, his attentive gaze for small things or moments of everyday life, and the passion to capture both individually or best together for the viewer. Following his training as a photographer, Marius Krutschke assisted leading photographers in the automotive industry, such as Ivo von Renner, Peter Keil or Rene Staud Studios.


We know that there are a plethora of Production Houses out there that you can choose from, but do any of them truly cut the sht like we do?

As our partners know, we cut the sht real good. We can work with any budget, as long as objectives and expectations are managed from the get go.

Full transparency is what we give our partners. “You want X for the shoot day? Ok, that will be an extra Y amount. Too expensive, how about we do Z?”

Our partners come to us to execute, but also to work with our collaborators (both Directors and Photographers) that are on our books.** Fancy way to say they’re freelancers who we cut the sht with on a regular basis!

Simply put: we are problem solvers;
we’re not so good at Sudoku though…


We take pride in bringing to life what has been carefully crafted in a super official briefing document or on a piece of paper or even a restaurant napkin.

We don’t mind as long as we cut the sht and discuss expectations, timelines & budget.

coffee time!

No better way to begin a project than with a hot cup o’ java! We’ll have some small chat, granted, but we’ll also cut the sht – discuss your brief, your objectives, timeline and of course the budget.


This is what we do best, we absorb all previously shared information and find the best way forward.
This applies to all elements, we develop the brief, apply it to a timeline and deliver an estimate.
Managing our Partners expectations takes place at this point and is crucial for the final delivery. Some negotiating back and forth (as per ruddy usual) and then boom! We get the go ahead.

shooting time!

Once all the boring (but essential) paperwork is out of the way, time for the fun stuff! Lights. Camera and you guessed it… Action! We approach our shoot days as a fun day out with a clear set of rules and objectives. It’s very simply – what we love to do.

magic time!

This is what we do best, we absorb all previously shared information and find the best way forward.
This applies to all elements, we develop the brief, apply it to a timeline and deliver an estimate.
Managing our Partners expectations takes place at this point and is crucial for the final delivery. Some negotiating back and forth (as per ruddy usual) and then boom! We get the go ahead.

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