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PIQUÉ has been cutting the shot in Dubai since 2016, working with brands and agencies alike. The term “piqué” originates from the French word for “sharp”, mostly used to describe whether a shot is “piqué” or not on a film set. Therefore, it’s not piqué without PIQUÉ



Piqué is a Production Company in Dubai, UAE with years of experience within different areas of Media Production.


PIQUÉ is a global facilitator of media production as well as a talent agency. We have in-house, local and global talent to bring your project to life at the highest standards. Our services include professional photography, videography facilitation as well as in house post production including 3D rendering.

Our filming / Talent department are experts in the field as well as some of the best photographers in the world.

PIQUÉ mission is to make the process of completing your project as seamless and professional as possible with the objective to inspire and provide for all types of project requirements.


PIQUÉ Productions is a one stop service for Film & TV Production no matter how big or small your production is, we can accommodate it.

Animation Videos

PIQUÉ animation video services are 2D & 3D animated videos, Business Explainer Videos, Infographics Videos, Whiteboard Animation Videos.

Corporate Film

Award-winning Dubai-based Corporate Video Production company. Corporate, Training, Commercials, Animation, Promos and more.

TV Commercials

One of the UAE’s leading TV commercial production company and creative agency.

Post Production

Based in the heart of UAE, PIQUÉ are a leading supplier of Post Production Services in an ever evolving entertainment industry.


PIQUÉ is an independent television production company based in Dubai, UAE. We produce high-quality, innovative programmers for broadcasters worldwide.

Line Productions

We provide complete support and services for all your production needs across UAE. We’re known for our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget.

Photography Studios

PIQUÉ Studios is a highly experienced commercial photography studio based in Dubai, UAE.

Video Editing

We offer a video editing service to produce content from footage you have already. Creation of a new video or re-edit / re-brand of an existing portfolio.

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Want to find out how we can help on your next project or idea? Call us now at +971 (0) 4 566 7460 or +971 (0) 522 689 496.

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