Dubai UAE is a globally-known technological haven, where media has grown consistently for the past years. Even though there are many challenges in producing a holistically brilliant video content, video production in the Emirate are usually a success. The results are very dependent on the motivation behind the creation of the film, on how well the image has been crafted, and on how much time a client is willing to get it done. In order to ensure value, and a great outcome, one should include all these elements in planning, and keep in mind these useful tips.

1. See time as a limited resource

Dubai is best known for making creative, and professional videos but not everyone knows how much time and effort it takes to create one. A successful video is a result of hours and hours of consistent hard work. The biggest mistake a client would make is to count on overnight success. A good brand film takes time to build, and any production company would tell you that. That’s why if you ever have a marketing or advertising plan in mind, make sure to be generous in giving your chosen production company enough space in your calendar, let them return your investment through creating an effective video content that will capture viewer’s attention and generate tens of thousands of view. Always remember that a compelling and inspiring story with values to communicate would require a lot of time.


2. Partner with the best production house

You might think that because the Emirate is progressive in media technology, you could handle a video production in-house. Producing quality films is not as easy as you think, and countless of problems may arise during the course of the project. Dubai has a variety of production houses that are seasoned in time, with very talented teams that are well trained in handling the daunting task. Don’t try to save money by doing this by yourself, because things might go wrong very fast and you end up losing all of them. Production houses in Dubai has professional video producers that can help you obtain the result you want, and produce the best work for you. You might not know this yet but finding and growing an internal team is costly. In addition to the need of creating and collaborating with a great number of people that you have to pay, you’ll be expected to make great financial effort if you want to make advantage of the latest tools, and technologies.
Simply said, a video production company in Dubai is experienced, has well-defined process, and an established team that will surely create a big impact. It is worthwhile to hire an expert production house.


3. Be smart in creating your social distribution strategy

A good film is not as good if it failed to reach all your targeted audience. Don’t put an incredible promotional film into waste. Make sure to come up with a wisely planned social distribution strategy. Creating and following a good media plan is vital in the success of your film. Keep it in mind that the film could be used both in traditional and new media platforms. And if you have social media in mind as your primary distribution method, know that Youtube is not the only option.

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